It all started when...

My mother, whom is a big believer in the importance of art, bought me a disposable Kodak film camera for my first ever school excursion to the North-Western corner of South Australia, with the request of taking 'as many pictures as possible'. 
Once I had arrived to the destination, I set about snapping the landscapes of the vivid tan and brown Anangu-Pintjantjara lands (The Olgas, Uluru, etc).
I tried to conserve my shots as much as possible, but pretty much smashed through the entire cameras 24 shot allocation while we were visiting The Olgas...

Luckily, I had a second camera!

On arriving back home, I set about getting the film processed at the local photographic store; I was excited to show everyone my journey into the heart of Australia and as many photographers pre-digital era would agree, the process of getting filmed developed is VERY exciting. Two days later, I get the call that my pictures are ready to pick up, by this stage I had well and truly caught the bug, but once I saw the photos, I was enamoured.

My uncle, who was an avid photographer, had heard down the grape vine of my interest in photography, decided to pay me a visit.
Little did I know, that he was about to bestow me with my first ever proper camera a Nikkormat EL film camera paired with a 50mm 1.4 Nikon lens!
I was over the freaking moon!
I ended up including photography in my high school education, even though I ultimately failed them, (just like a failed just about every other class in high school due to a undiagnosed learning disorder) my passion never really receded during my school years.

The digital age came about and the industry almost made film redundant and the cost of photography (for me) became too much and I sort of lost interest for a few years, but still borrowed my friends DSLR cameras every now and then to do small off the cuff projects.

Fast forward to 2015: I started shooting hopefuls for Suicide Girls, which included teaching me everything she knew about (nude, implied nude) portraits, e.g. how to compose, how to direct, editing, etc.
In the meantime, all the passion & nostalgia hit me like a ton of bricks, I started to collect DSLR gear (started out with the faithful canon 550D, purchased a 35mm sigma art 1.4 lens, started using Lightroom) and I was out there taking photos of everything and learning how to do a multitude of different genres within photography via YouTube tutorials, channels like DigitalRev (Kai Wong), The Art of Photography, Serge Ramelli videos.
I have also fallen in love with the works of Tyler Shields; his 'Lynching' photo hit me like a ton of bricks!

Nowadays, I am shooting with a canon 5Dmk3, still have the same 35mm sigma art 1.4 lens, have won an award and international attention for my Dolphin Party Wave photo, getting paid work, planning to travel to Canada early next year for photography reasons, I've set up this website and now you are reading my first ever photography blog!
I still have a very very long way to go, but I feel like I am somewhat on the right track.
Anyway,  thanks for visiting my page and stay tuned for more blogs by me.